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Makeup Tutorial : The Ultimate Convenience

In your adventures up and down the cosmetic aisle at your drugstore or favorite department store, you have no doubt seen the packages with a combination of three colors or 4 colors of eye shadow crammed in one compact. The makers do this for you to take the guess work out of discovering three shades that collaborate in the very same color family – light, medium and dark. You can certainly use one color for your entire eye area for a simple and tidy appearance, but once you understand ways to apply all three colors you will be amazed at the beautiful eyes you will see looking back at you!

Apply your makeup tutorials for blue eyes to clean eyelids; this will avoid your makeup from creasing throughout the day. Over the primer, use a flesh tone eye shadow or concealer from eyelash line to brow bone. The concealer works as a base that permits the colors you use to start with flawless skin, a sort of tidy canvas, in the eye location.

Apply the medium color from eyelash line to crease. You might use the applicator that comes with the kit, or if you have brushes, utilize the eye brush with a bigger flat head. Brushes will use a much better shape and more control, however this is an individual choice.

Take your crease eye shadow brush (or tidy completion of applicator you just used) and push the darkest color onto the crease. Those who do not have an evident crease can stipple the color onto the external corner of the eye in a V shape. The darkest color is usually utilized to contour the eye so that it appears to have more depth and measurement to your eye.

Swirl a larger eye shadow brush in the lightest color. Tap off excess and apply the item to your brow bone. If you like the doe-eyed appearance, use the lightest color on the inner corners of your eyes by the bridge of the nose. If the color has a shimmer to it, and you wish to give your eyes additional shimmer for a night out, pat some shadow on the center of your top eyelid. When the light captures the shimmer, your eyes will be the focus.

Tidy off the same brush (or applicator) with a tissue, and use the brush to mix away any tough lines in your eye makeup so where one color ends and the next one begins is seamless. You might have heard this referred to as a line of separation, and you do not wish to see this with any of your makeup!

So with a few easy steps and couple of additional minutes of your time, you have developed an eye look that beautiful and glamorous.



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