When is KenteCloth Worn?

Kenteis a traditional fabric hailing from Ghana. This cloth is the symbol of the Ethnic pride for the Ghanaians and also for the other Africans. The African Americans in the US highlight their heritage connection to Africa by using and wearing the Kente fabric. One cannot visit the beautiful country of Ghana to explore the rich ethnic culture without wearing the Kente cloth. Anebais an upcoming clothing line which is worn at various types of occasions. To know more, this article will take a look at when the Kente cloth is worn.

Occasions and ceremonies when this cloth is worn:
Kente cloth is generally worn during important and traditional events according to the tradition. It is generally not meant for wearing for daily activities or as a regular wear. The using of this fabric has got an intent which is scared in nature. Traditionally, this fabric is worn during the royal and religious ceremonies. It is also worn at the marriage ceremony, where the bride and the groom wear colourful Kente cloth.

This special clothing item is also worn during the events such as passage of rites puberty rites, naming of the child, soul washing, graduation ceremony etc. The Kente fabric symbolizes the joy, purity and the serenity and this is why they are worn at these ceremonies. This fabric is also worn as a way of showing respect to the dead during the ceremony of the ancestral remembrance and also during the burial rites.

The African American Students wear Kent stoles during the graduation ceremony over their graduation robe and this is an African American custom to show the link to the African heritage. During the 1980’s, many of the African American university graduates wore Kente stole over their graduation robe. The members belonging to the Black fraternity or sorority will wear the Kente stole in two colours of the organization that they are part of. Many college and high school graduates also wear the Kente stole over their graduation robes.

At the prominent and historically Black colleges, it has become a practice of wearing the Kent fabric in various forms such as scarves, bags and hats.  African Americans also wear this special clothing during the Black history month.

At the Sunday Church services, the Kente is also being worn by the African Americans. One can walk into the Church to see the stole made from Kente fabric draped on the shoulders of the Ministers. This is also worn by the African American Gospel choirs and they also wear ornaments and sashes made from the Kente fabric.

The foreign dignitary visiting Ghana also wears the Kente clothing when they are presented with it and they are also expected to wear it when presented. For example: President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton wore the Kente fabric. He wore it before he went on to address the Ghanaians during his state visits. He wore the Kente clothing to show respect. In other words, along with showing ethic pride and respect, it is also used for reflecting the true spirit of the event or the occasion being celebrated.


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